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This is why we provide a variety of remote hearing services, including: 

Remote hearing aid consultation

A free consultation is offered to those interested in learning more about hearing aid models, pricing, and choices. Any internet-enabled computer with a microphone and camera is suitable for this appointment.

Hearing Services

As we manage changes in our daily lives, know that here at Clear Hearing and Audiology, our focus is always on your safety. We understand that the need for quality hearing care continues to remain the same. 


As many of you are beginning to rely on remote healthcare, we're here to meet your needs and offer support while you remain in the safety of your own home.

Remote hearing aid programming

For those whose hearing aids have a remote programming feature enabled, this programming session will allow you to ask your audiologist for changes to your settings to better suit the environments you spend time in. The programming adjustments will be sent to your smartphone and can be uploaded to your hearing aids using your app. 

Remote hearing aid troubleshooting

For those with malfunctioning or damaged hearing aids, we can help from afar by troubleshooting the problem. Most repairs to your hearing aids may be made at home. If your issue is not resolved, no charge is due. 

Hearing aid drop-off service

You can drop your hearing aid in our secure lockbox for repairs. In many cases, your device can be repaired the same day and picked up using a security code sent to you by us. 

Why choose our remote care services?

  • More convenient: Even before the pandemic, your access to hearing care may have been restricted if you live far away from a hearing center. Our remote services can luckily help you overcome these geographical barriers.


  • Ideal for fine-tunings: It takes time to get used to a new set of hearing aids — and you might need several changes before you're happy. This is especially true with first-time wearers of hearing aids. Remote treatment helps you get all the sound tuning you need without the hassle of arranging and commuting to in-office appointments repeatedly. 


  • Better for those with limited mobility: If you are homebound or in assisted living facilities, the ability to receive virtual care means there is one less inconvenient trip to make. 


This is a challenging time for everyone. Given the discomfort, tension, and anxiety that you might be feeling, we want to make sure that hearing loss is one less thing for you to worry about. 


Know that we're here for you, working hard to ensure your needs are met, wherever you might be. 

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