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Hearing Evaluations

Do you feel that conversations lack clarity? Is hearing in background noise difficult? Are you asking people to repeat themselves more often? These are common signs of a hearing loss, and the only way to determine the presence, type and severity of a hearing loss is through a comprehensive hearing evaluation. 

Hearing Aids

When hearing loss cannot be medically resolved, the best solution is hearing aids. Hearing aids are discreet devices that provide you with appropriate levels of amplification based off your hearing loss. Wearing hearing aids will result in improved speech clarity, reduced listening effort in noisy environments and a better quality of life. 

Cochlear Implants

Most patients receive great benefit from hearing aids, but in cases of very severe or progressive hearing loss, a hearing aid may no longer be appropriate. This is due to the degree of damage in the inner ear that a hearing aid cannot overcome. In these cases, a cochlear implant may be the best option for managing the hearing loss. 

Clear Hearing and Audiology offers a variety of services to fit your hearing healthcare needs. Schedule online or call us today!

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Custom Hearing Protection

Custom earplugs combine a comfortable fit with the best sound reduction for noise, music, sleeping and more!

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