Hearing Aid Accessories

Modern hearing aids are powerful instruments that do a great job of providing the specific amplification required to address most individuals’ hearing loss.


Still, in some situations, it can be beneficial to have an integrated device that provides additional functionality. Hearing aids may also require disposable hearing aid batteries, cleaning tools and wax filters.


While some wearers may lean heavily on certain accessories, others may not require them. We don’t want to sell you a bunch of items you’re not going to use, but we can talk about which items may truly be useful to you in the course of wearing your hearing aids. If you’re not sure about an item, you can always wait to see how your hearing aids work without it and get it later if necessary.


At Clear Hearing and Audiology, we offer a full range of accessories to help make sure your hearing aids are working properly and providing the assistance you need wherever you are!

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Your hearing aids have internal microphones, which are what they use to pick up environmental sound and amplify it. Some hearing aids have multiple sets of microphones to allow them to provide a better sense of spatial awareness while you use them. Still, sometimes placing a microphone closer to another person is the best solution to make sure you are effectively reducing enough external noise and ambience to hear the other person clearly.


External microphones can be useful in the car, or in public places like museums or busy restaurants where you need to hear someone more clearly. All major hearing aid manufacturers offer microphone accessories to provide an additional boost in a variety of situations. Some may sit on a table to enhance the sound of audio in a meeting, while others may be handheld to allow friends and loved ones to easily pass them around to make sure you don’t miss a word. While not everyone may need to make use of external microphones, they can be important tools for some situations.

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Remote Controls

Most modern hearing aids allow you to connect to your smartphone to give you the control you need over volume, programming and other features. For those without smartphones, a remote control is an important tool. Remote controls are compact accessories, resembling a key fob for a car. They can allow you to control the volume of your hearing aids, connect to certain devices, and even double as an external microphone and Bluetooth controller. Talk to us about which remote control is best for you and your hearing aids.


TV Streamers

Most hearing aid manufacturers offer brand-specific adaptors to allow you to connect your hearing aids wirelessly to your television or stereo system. They connect to the audio output from your TV or stereo, and allow your hearing aids to connect via Bluetooth to stream crystal-clear audio directly to your hearing aids, within a range of about 22 feet. If multiple wearers are in the room together, they can connect to multiple sets of hearing aids at once to provide the same stream of audio to each of you, and you can control the volume independently from your hearing aids. No more arguing over the TV volume!



If your hearing aids are rechargeable, they will come with a hearing aid charger to power them up overnight. Some manufacturers offer multiple charger options, including chargers that double as dehumidifiers, or chargers that also have batteries, so you can charge your hearing aids on the go. If you think you could benefit from having more than one charger, or more than one type of charger, we can help you determine which options will be best for you and your needs.

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Cleaning and Maintenance Accessories

We offer all types of hearing aid batteries, as well as a range of wax filters and other products to help you keep your hearing aids clean and in good working order. We have brushes and hooks to remove earwax, as well as cerumen filters to keep earwax away from the delicate elements inside your hearing aids. Hearing aid dehumidifiers are also useful tools for some wearers who may perspire more profusely or otherwise encounter more moisture in the course of a day. Whatever your needs may be, we can talk with you about which cleaning and maintenance accessories may be important to keep your hearing aids working their best.

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