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Custom Hearing Protection

Did you know that one of the most common causes of hearing loss is noise? A great way to protect your ears and hearing from noise exposure is by wearing custom hearing protection.

The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that over 1 billion people globally are at increased risk of developing hearing loss as a result of loud noise exposure. Additionally, over 22 million people are exposed to hazardous levels of noise in the workplace. This highlights the importance of protecting hearing health from the noise we constantly absorb in everyday life. Noise induced hearing loss is 100% preventable and one of the most effective measures is wearing hearing protection. Our practice offers a range of services and comprehensive support that transforms hearing health. We provide custom options that offer maximum protection. 

Diagram of the human ear and cochlea

Understanding the Impact of Noise on Hearing Health

Loud noise can irreparably damage the auditory system - the sensory system for hearing. We are constantly exposed to varying noise levels throughout the day - from traffic, to using household appliances, busy work environments, and listening to audio on electronic devices. Noise can reach levels that damage integral components of the auditory system. Sound is measured in units referred to as decibels (dB) and sound above 85dB can be dangerous for hearing. This is equivalent to traffic, a busy restaurant, and a hair dryer. 

Loud noise can cause hair cells in the inner ear to become desensitized. These sensory cells send auditory information to the brain which the brain continues to process. Specific portions of the brain assign meaning to sound signals, allowing us to understand what we hear. Desentized hair cells in the inner ear disrupt this process and results in the brain receiving less auditory information, producing chronic hearing loss. Unlike other types of cells we have, sensory cells in the inner ear do not regenerate. Humans are actually born with all of the hair cells we will ever have - thousands in each ear - and there are no medical treatments that can regenerate these cells. This means that any damage they experience is permanent, causing noise induced hearing loss. 

Custom Hearing Protection

Fortunately, noise induced hearing loss can be prevented. One of the most effective preventive measures that can be practiced is wearing hearing protection. Research shows that most people can benefit from wearing hearing protection, this includes: 

Man wearing hearing protection

People who work in environments that are noisy: construction, transportation hubs, pilots, warehouses etc.

Person playing guitar

Musicians: studies have shown that musicians can be up to 4 times more likely to develop hearing loss.

Two women happy at table

People who frequently listen to audio using electronic devices (like a smartphone) or navigate active social settings that tend to have more background noise (concerts, restaurants, sports etc.).

Hearing protection offers a physical barrier for the ears. This barrier reduces the amount of loud noise that is absorbed and the impact of that noise. There are different types of hearing protection - earbuds, headphones, earmuffs etc. At Clear Hearing & Audiology, we offer custom hearing protection options that effectively mitigate the impact of loud noise. 


Though hearing protection can be purchased in stores, these options are ready-made and more of a one size all approach. This differs from custom hearing protection which is tailor made to your specific ears. Custom made hearing protection offers a seamless fit that is both comfortable and effective at reducing the impact of loud noise. There are different types of custom hearing protection including:

Woman wearing custom earmolds

Custom earmolds: earmolds can be full or half shell styles that are worn on the outer portion of the ear. Custom earmolds can also come in various sizes, colors, soft, or solid options. Full-shell earmolds are often recommended for people who are regularly exposed to excess noise.

Close up of custom earplugs

Custom earplugs: ear plugs are worn in the ear canal. These are made using impressions taken of your ears which ensures that they sit comfortably in your ear canal. Earplugs are a great option for musicians who are regularly exposed to hazardous levels of noise. Custom earplugs specifically made for musicands reduce background noise while also allowing the wearer to hear music. 

Custom hearing protection is a great way to practice preventive care for your hearing. Our experts will help you navigate the options that can be best for your hearing health.  

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