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A cochlear implant uses an external 

sound processor that sits behind the ear, and an internal implant. The implant is surgically placed beneath the skin and into the cochlea- the organ of hearing.

The cochlear implant bypasses the damaged portion of the ear and directly stimulates the hearing nerve. This allows users to regain a sense of hearing. Over time, most will understand speech better than they did with hearing aids.


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Cochlear Implants

Do you wear powerful hearing aids but still have significant difficulty understanding speech? For severe or progressing hearing loss, hearing aids can only provide limited benefit. 


Learn if a cochlear implant is the next step in your journey to better hearing. 



Find out if a cochlear implant is right for you...

I'm fairly young and have had many mixed feelings about getting a cochlear implant. I've used hearing aids for almost 10 years. When I came to see Shivani Patel almost 2 years ago, I explained my fears and she made me super comfortable. There were so many things to learn with the implant but she has been super patient with me, making sure that I understand clearly. She has been an absolute joy to work with.

Do you currently use a cochlear implant?

Cochlear implants should be re-programmed once a year to ensure optimal performance.


If you are in need of programming or upgrade assistance, schedule an appointment or

contact us today!